Compact, Low-cost & Safe!


In order to charge more securely and faster than normal power outlets, you need a home charging station.

This basic wall-mounted charging station is for those who are interested in having a simple, affordable, and yet safe solution for charging their electric car.

The Charger is available with support for 1 or 3 Phases and can support a power rating from 3.6KW, 7.4KW, and up to 11KW.

The unit is also a favorite for electricians by being quick and easy to install and most of all safe.

Bespoke enclosures are possible with large volumes, just select your own color scheme and logo.

Part Numbers:

DE74LCAC-1S – 3.6 & 7.4 KW/1-Phase AC Charger
DE11LCAC-3S – 11 KW/3-Phase AC Charger

DE74LCAC-1 – 3.6 & 7.4 KW/1-Phase AC Charger, No Solenoid
DE11LCAC-3 – 11 KW/3-Phase AC Charger, No Solenoid

Mini AC Charger - Specifications