To charge more securely and faster than normal power outlets, you need a charging station. This attractive, mini, Mode 3 Wallbox supporting 7kW on 1 Phases is targeted at those who are interested in having a simple, easy to install, affordable and most of all safe solution for charging their electric car.

The Wallbox offers maximum recharging performance and very efficient use of energy at an exceptionally low cost. They are suitable for quick and easy installation in any in or outdoor environment e.g. private garage,holiday home or company parking areas.

The unit is also a favorite with electricians by being quick and easy to install and most of all safe!

Key Features

  • Affordable Mode 3 Charger
  • Simple and quick electrical Installation
  • RFID Card for Start/Stop Charging
  • Support 7kW on 1 Phases
  • 32A Supply Supported
  • Compact weather-proof construction – IP54
  • Durable, low maintenance enclosure – IK08
  • Safe with built-in ground fault sensor
  • Available with and without locking solenoid
  • Suitable for Charging Cable Type 2
  • Design your own, pick a colour and add your logo