What charging Power is possible?


The Power can be fed to your station with one or three phases.

In order to calculate the charging power, you will need to know the following:

    1. Number of phases
    2. The voltage and amperage of your power connection

If you have a 3-Phase connection, the way in which the charging station is connected to the network is also relevant i.e. it will depend on whether the voltage is 230 V or 400 V, arranged in a star or delta connection.

Once you have collected this information, you can then proceed to calculate the values using the following formulas:

  • Charging power (single-phase alternating current):
    • Charging Power (3.7 kW) = Phases (1) x Voltage (230 V) x Amperage (16 A)


  • Charging power (triple-phase alternating current), star connection:
    • Charging Power (22 kW) = Phases (3) x Voltage (230 V) x Amperage (32 A)


  • Alternatively: charging power (triple-phase alternating current), delta connection:
    • Charging Power (22 kW) = Root (3) x Voltage (400 V) x Amperage (32 A)


Here is an example:

If you want to reach a charging power of 22 kW, your electric installation must be set up for triple-phase charging with an amperage of 32 A.