DELTRIX VV Series DC Charger

The Deltrix VV Series DC charger has supported the DC input, therefore, except traditional charging function, it can also accept DC input sources such as Solar battery, energy storage battery, vehicle battery, can also be used for solar charging station, energy storage charging station, solar-energy storage charging station, can also be used for car-to-car rescue (required car compatible with discharge function).

Key Features

  • Connected solar panel, product can be directly used for Vehicles power supply.
  • Battery Protection Design.
  • Rectifier Inverter Design.
  • Charging status monitoring.
  • Current Sharing Technology
  • CAN Communication
  • Movable Type or Wall Mounted Type – optional
  • Cable length 3M (CHAdeMO) , 3M (CCS), 3M(GB/T) Customized acceptable
  • Efficiency up to 95% at nominal output power
  • Ethernet, Wi-Fi and 4G Module support platform – optional
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Full customization available (colour and logo)

Application Areas

  • Solar charging station
  • Energy storage charging station
  • Solar-energy storage charging station
  • Home smart charging
  • Road Rescue, Car-to-car rescue
  • EV infrastructure operators and service providers

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