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As a one-stop EV Charging Solutions Provider, Deltrix offers everything from Basic AC Chargers to fast DC Chargers that are capable of equipping homes and businesses with the type of charging technology to meet all expectations and environments.

For customers designing and developing their own EV Charging Stations, we provide a wide selection of EV Controller Boards for both basic and smart chargers, a range of mono & bi-directional DC Power Modules and of course enclosures with your Branding. We also have the capabilities to design and manufacture custom EV Charger Enclosures to meet all environments.

11KW Mini AC Wallbox

In order to charge more securely and faster than normal power outlets, you need a home charging station.

This basic wall-mounted charging station is for those who are interested in having a simple, affordable, and yet safe solution for charging their electric car.

The Charger is available with support for 1 or 3 Phases and can support a power rating from 3.6KW, 7.4KW, and up to 11KW.

The unit is also a favorite for electricians by being quick and easy to install and most of all safe.

11KW Dual-Port AC Smart Charger

The Deltrix Smart Dual-Port AC Charging Station has been designed for home, commercial and public use. It has two Type 2 ports and can charge up to 11KW on each socket simultaneously.

Its elegant enclosure is designed for high usage and regular user changeovers and can be wall or pole mounted. It houses two sockets, with load balancing across both. An integrated RFID reader supports user identification and an optional MID-meter enables financial settlement. Internet connection is via GSM/GPRS or Ethernet to allow the unit to be connected to the customer’s parent system or charging station management platform using the OCPP protocol.

30KW DC Wallbox

The Deltrix 30KW DC Wallbox is based on our Modular Charging Power Supplies. It is built for speed and to meet the fast-charging standards of all European, Asian and North American electric vehicle (EV) manufacturers, while also supporting actual and future generations of EVs that are demanding a higher charge capacity.

The standard version of the charger enables the simultaneous charging of up to two cars. One DC charge point supporting quick charging with CCS or Chademo and optionally another for AC Port charging up to 11KW.

The units have an integrated RFID reader that supports user identification. The Internet connection is via GPRS/GSM or Ethernet to allow the unit to be connected to the customer’s parent system or charging station management platform using the OCPP protocol.

40KW Mobile Workshop Charger

The Deltrix Mobile Workshop Charger is an ideal solution for Garages, Car Dealerships, Workshops, Service Stations, or Public Events.

The unit has been designed to be simple to operate and handle, robust and transportable. We offer the unit as a simple plug and play unit and in a smart version with access control, an LCD display and full backend cloud support.

The charger connects to a standardized CEE-Style 400Vac wall-socket.

The lifting handles and fasteners allow the unit to be easily transported in a Van.

Just released!

From Basic to Smart 

The Deltrix Basic EV Charging Controller is designed to provide control function over the Electric Vehicle charging point. The controller is fully universal which allows integrators to design a basic or smart charging station to meet their own or market requirements. Some of the flexible features are:

  • Onboard SPST relays for controlling:
    • External contactor to provide supply to the EV
    • External Ventilation activation/deactivation.
    • External solenoid based EV plug locking
  • Onboard port for motorized EV plug locking system
  • Connectors to the control pilot (CP) lines
  • Connectors for remote enable/disable of the charging point
  • UART for communications and 5V DC reference on one single connector
  • Dedicated pins for User Control Panel LEDs and Buttons
  • Hardware-based EVCC configuration via jumpers
  • Onboard charge current monitor for up to 3 phases
  • User-configurable GPIO lines
  • Fully compliant with IEC61851 and IEC 62955
  • Load Balancing
  • Ability to read the current being consumed by the car
  • Ability to send UART commands to the EVC Controller
  • Ability to set the maximum current
  • Ability to detect the cable capacity from the EVC
  • Remote Firmware Updates support

A world first!

60KW DC Power Module Combo

The Deltrix 60KW DC Charging Module Combination has been specifically designed for the construction of highly efficient, and high-availability DC EV Charging Stations.

These modules (AC-DC and DC-DC) finally solve the problem of module burn-outs due to the dusting-up of the components over time in systems with poor air filtering or no air filter maintenance. The electronic components are housed in a sealed chamber and a separate air duct is used for the cooling. This unique construction eliminates this dusting-up problem which guarantees reliability and in turn high-availability of the charger.

The use of a separate air duct for cooling instead of component sealing and water-cooling results in a more maintainable and lighter enclosure.

Additionally, the use of the IBGT technology results in a standby power consumption of around 6W which is well below the industry average of 17W. Currently, most chargers are idle for around 80% of the day and therefore this is a very important factor to consider when calculating the operating costs.

Two modules are available as a kit for the construction of your charger:

  1. 60KW AC to DC Rectifier
  2. 60KW DC to DC Converter