EV Load Balancing

Load Balancing or, in other words, distribution of power, means that the charging station automatically divides the available power over the vehicles that are charging. The charging controller analyses the available capacity and how much power the vehicles require. Subsequently, the smart electronics in the ICU, distribute the power based on the maximum capacity of the connection. With the system, electric vehicles can always be charged, even if the installation has a limited capacity. Thus, no expensive investments have to be done in a more powerful installation.

What are the different situations in the case of Load Balancing?

The images below show the various situations in case of Load Balancing as well as the corresponding behavior of the charging station.

The charging station is ready to be used. The maximum capacity is available.

One vehicle is being charged. The maximum amount of power is available for the electric car. The LED of the charging station indicates that Load Balancing is not active.

Two vehicles have been connected. The charging station will divide the available power over the two electric cars. It is possible that the cars are being charged at a lower speed. Depending on the vehicle, it is possible that the cars will be charged alternately every 15 minutes.

How does the charging station react when load balancing is activated?

When a second electric vehicle is connected and the requested charging capacity exceeds the maximum amount of available power, the charging station will activate Load Balancing.

How do I see that Load Balancing is active?

When Load Balancing is active, this is shown via the status LEDs visible on the user interface on the front of the charging station. There are two possible situations:

The status LED flashes: the available power is being distributed and the electric vehicle is being charged at a lower speed; The status LED flashes with two colors: the available power is being divided over both vehicles by charging alternately every 15 minutes. When this indication is shown, charging is currently paused and will resume within 15 minutes.

Why does the charging station divide the available power?

Electric vehicles are often charged at high power. When multiple electric cars are connected at the same time, the electrical installation is not always able to provide the requested power. For this reason, ICU has developed a smart solution to distribute the available capacity. The result is a safe charging process without having to make expensive investments in a more powerful installation.

What are the consequences for the charging speed?

The intelligent charging station is designed in a way that your car is being charged as quickly as possible. That is why Load Balancing will only be activated when necessary. In any other case, electric vehicles will be charged with full power. In most situations, even with two vehicles connected, the charging station will provide the maximum amount of power per socket.