Charging Standards across the globe

There are currently three main standards in use across the world:


1. Combined Charging System (CCS):

Two versions exist, different in North America and Europe, the rest of the world uses one of the versions depending on the market.












The benefits of the Combined Charging System (CCS):

  • Maximal charging power up to 350 kW (today 200 kW)
  • Charging voltage up to 1.000 V and current greater 350 A (today 200 A)
  • DC 50kW / AC 43kW implemented in infrastructure
  • Integrated electrical architecture for all relevant AC and DC charging scenarios
  • One inlet and one charging architecture for AC and DC to allow low overall system costs
  • Only one communication module for AC and DC charging, Powerline Communication (PLC) for DC Charging and advanced services
  • State of the art communication via HomePlug GreenPHY enables integration V2H and V2G

2. CHAdeMO 

CHAdeMO is the trade name of a quick charging method for battery electric vehicles delivering up to 62.5 kW of high-voltage direct current via a special electrical connector. It is proposed as a global industry standard by an association of the same name.

Because CHAdeMO ports do not support AC charging, cars must have two charging ports – one for AC Level 2, the other for CHAdeMO







3. Tesla Superchargers

Two versions (different in North America and Europe/rest of the world)

The Tesla Supercharger system uses a single port supporting, using a slender cable and charging connector, every possible charging situation one can think of:

  • The Tesla mobile charging unit comes with adapters for every kind of power outlet, from 120 volt 12 amp (NEMA 5-20), through to 240 volt 50 amp (NEMA 14-50).
  • Via an adapter, it can connect to J1772 charging stations
  • At a Supercharger station (pictured above) it can receive DC fast charging at up to a 120 kiloWatt rate

It means a Tesla Model S or Model X owner can get rapid charging in a wide range of situations.

Tesla Motors also sells an add-on adapter allowing a Model S/X owner to recharge at a CHAdeMO station.

Tesla Motors does not sell any kind of adapter allowing owners of CHAdeMO or CCS cars to recharge at a Supercharger station, however.










The Chinese GBT standard was not considered due to its regionality.