The RCM20 provides all of the features of the RCM14, but has a 20mm aperture which can accommodate larger conductors.

The RCM20-01 is a compact solution designed to be panel mounted. It has a JST connector for easy installation.

This product is fully compliant with IEC62955.

RCM20 Features

  • Operates from a 12-24V DC supply
  • External test facility
  • JST XH 2.5mm Pitch Connector JST:B4B-XH-A (LF)(SN)
  • “Fault” signal output
  • For use with 1 or 3 phase loads rated up to 40A/400V
  • ROHS compliant
  • Complies with the DC protection requirements of IEC62955 (Mode 3)
  • 3000A surge current withstand
  • 20mm aperture

Part No.: DWRCM20

MOQ: 100 Pieces