The Residual Current Monitor (RCM) range is intended for the detection of DC and/or AC residual currents in AC or DC installations. These RCMs are ideally suited for use with Electric Vehicle charging cables (Mode 2 Protection) and EV charging stations (Mode 3 Protection). Residual current detection options for IEC based requirements are 30mA AC or 6mA DC or both, and are 20mA AC & 6mA DC for UL requirements.

Mode 2

IEC 62752 In-cable control and protection device for mode 2 charging of electric road vehicles (IC-CPD).

Mode 3

IEC 62955 Residual Direct Current Monitoring Device to be used for Mode 3 charging of Electric Vehicle.

The Residual Current Monitor (RCM) module is connected in series with the AC supply to an EV and will provide an output if a DC current ≥ 6mA DC flows in the circuit. This output can be used to operate an RCD, a circuit breaker or a contactor to remove the supply to the EV.

Residual Current Monitor Advantages

  • Simple, compact, low cost
  • Can be integrated into charging stations
  • May be adapted for in-cable protection
  • Maximum conductor rating of 40A