AC Smart EV Controller with G2V/V2G support

The multifunctional EV AC charging station controller has been specially designed for the European market. Using this controller, a complete charging station supporting mode-3 and IEC 15118 charging G2V & V2G with two type- 2 outlets with servo locking and LED signaling can be built.

The EVC can be managed by your cloud back-office software using OCPP 1.5/1.6/2.0 or from our Partner.

Load management for smart grid applications is implemented in the embedded software. A Local Micro Smart Grid function can be set-up adding two extra kWh meters on the mod-bus.

The available power for charging will be calculated real-time on the basis of public grid power and Solar/wind energy power.

This controller can be connected to other AC modules via the CAN bus (slave module) to extend the number of outlets up to 24.

Key Features:

  • CSS or Chademo and  Type 2 IEC 62196-2, supporting mode 3 charging
  • V2G and G2V Support using IEC 15118-2 (optional)
  • Controlling up to 23 slave modules
  • 2 x CAN-bus interface. Up-to 30 nodes for Power modules
  • Built-in GPRS / GSM modem for back-office connection
  • GPS positioning for accurate location on the map
  • CAN bus for master-slave and peripherals
  • kWh Meter – 2 x S0/Modbus/RS485/P1 (configurable)
  • 2 x serial connection – RFID / Barcode reader
  • 2 x mechanical lock output Mennekes/Bals/Scame/Phoenix
  • Option for full-color display with touch screen (via CAN)
  • 2 x RCD trip detect
  • Contactor failure detect
  • 2 x DC contactor switch output
  • 2 x triple LED output
  • Support for LCD Displays
  • OCPP 1.5-2.0 ready
  • Galvanic isolated output voltage and current monitoring
  • Immunity IEC 61000-6.2 Emission IEC 61000-6.3
  • Compatibility: EV-ready / PTB Eichrecht

Part No.:

DLEVC-5.XAC-M3: AC EVC without ISO15118

DLEVC-5.XAC-M4: AC EVC with ISO15118

DLEVC-5.XAC-M4D: Dual AC EVC with ISO15118 (coming soon)