Compact, flexible, upgradable!

The basic EV Charging Controller allows integrators to build their own EV Charging Stations from 3.6KW to 22KW and still have the flexibility to determine which Contactors/Relays and DC Fault Protection Components to select. The controller also support load balancing so that two boards can be combined to construct a very cost-effective Dual-Port Charger.

Key features:

  • Small Form-factor
  • PP & CP connections
  • 6mA DC fault current detection (RCM14 from WA)
  • External communication ports
  • Integrated Power Supply  (operates directly from a 1 Phase or 3 Phase AC supply)
  • 10-Step adjustable charging current (Amps: 6, 8, 10, 12, 13, 16, 18, 20, 25, 32)
  • On-board temperature monitoring
  • Embedded Firmware (reprogrammable)
  • On-board Status LED
  • T2 Socket Locking
  • Local Load Balancing (Master/Slave) e.g. for a Dual-Port Charger

The I2C Bus connector allows you to add the additional features and convert the basic controller into a smarter controller very easily and cost-effectively:

  • RFID Support
  • Key Locking
  • LED Connector
  • Fan Control Connector

Part No.: 

DEMBEVC-3-1: Basic Single-Port EVC  
DEMBEVC-3-2: Basic Dual-Port EVC (Oct 2020)

MOQ: 50 Pieces

From Basic to Smart offering full flexibility 


The Deltrix Basic EV Charging Controller is designed to provide control function over the Electric Vehicle charging point. The controller is fully universal which allows integrators to design a basic or smart charging station to meet their own or market requirements. Some of the flexible features are:

  • Use single-phase or 3-phase supply
  • Selection to use a ventilation system
  • Selection to use an EV outlet locking system
  • Selection to use a switch remote control
  • Selection to use a UART remote control

The controller has the following key features:

  • Pilot Function
  • Charging current measurement
  • 6mA DC fault current detection (RCM14 from WA)
  • External communication ports
  • Integrated Power Supply  (operates directly from a 1 Phase or 3 Phase AC supply)
  • 16A and 32A charging modes
  • Over-voltage and Over-current protection on all phases
  • AC and DC fault current detection
  • Command based UART communication
  • Integrated switches for flexible control of external contactors

Optional features like ventilation control, outlet-locking and remote switching are also available.

The controller can work with single or three-phase systems up to 32A.

This controller is fully compliant with IEC61851 and IEC 62955.

Single Phase

Three Phase

Part No.: DWEVCC-01

MOQ: 50 Pieces

Basic AC EV Controller

The EV controller was specially designed for home chargers that don’t require a back-office connection.

All the necessary functionality for communication and safety is incorporated in this controller.

It can be set as a 2-Port plug & charge or activated via an input switch.

Key Features:

  • For EV-sockets EIC61851 and IEC 62196
  • DIN rail mounting enclosure
  • Detachable connectors
  • 2 x power switch outputs
  • PP & CP connection
  • Charging activation with logical low/high, toggle input or plug & charge
  • Interfaces to the locking-module (see separate datasheet)
  • Current rate adjustable 10-32 Amp
  • Supply Power 12-24 Vdc

Part No.: DLCMEM10

MOQ: 50 Pieces