Compact, flexible, affordable!

The Basic EV Charging Controller allows integrators to build their own EV Charging Stations from 3.6KW to 22KW and still have the flexibility to determine which Contactors/Relays and DC Fault Protection Components to select. The controller also supports load balancing so that two boards can be combined to construct a very cost-effective Dual-Port Charger.

Key features:

  • Small Form-factor
  • PP & CP connections
  • External communication ports
  • Integrated Power Supply  (operates directly from a 1 Phase or 3 Phase AC supply)
  • 10-Step adjustable charging current (from 6 to 32A)
  • Continuous diode test (earth connection between car & charger)
  • On-board Relays for contactor switching and RCB Tripping (e.g. by contact welding)
  • On-board temperature monitoring
  • Embedded Firmware (reprogrammable)
  • On-board RGB Status LED or Connector for external RGB LEDs
  • Type 2 Socket Locking
  • RS485 Bus to support smart connections (with basic Modbus command set)
  • Relay Interface e.g. for a PV System
  • I²C Bus for external switching and control (with add-on board)

Recommendation: use a 6mA DC fault current detection device with this board (e.g. RCM14 from WA)

Part No.: 

DEMBEVC-3-1A: Basic Single-Port EV Controller with on-board LED

DEMBEVC-3-1B: Basic Single-Port EV Controller with External LEDs

MOQ: 50 Pieces

From Basic to Smart offering full flexibility 


The Deltrix Electric Vehicle Charge Controller (DWEVCC-01) is a control board to provide charge control function for electric vehicle charging point. The EVCC Board provides the basic functions required in any EVSE charging station: Integrated power supply, Control Pilot function and onboard 6mA DC current detection (RCM).

  • Onboard SPST relays for controlling:
    • External contactor to provide supply to the EV
    • External Ventilation activation/deactivation.
    • External solenoid based EV plug locking
  • Onboard port for motorized EV plug locking system (+/-12V output and feedback input)
  • Connectors to the control pilot (CP) lines
  • Connectors for Remote enable/disable of the charging point (hardware authentication)
  • UART for communications and 5V DC reference on one single connector
  • Dedicated pins for User Control Panel LEDs and Buttons (e.g. to indicate the SOC, enable, reset, etc.)
  • Hardware-based EVCC configuration via jumpers
  • Onboard charge current monitor for up to 3 phases
  • User-configurable GPIO lines
  • Fully compliant with IEC61851 and IEC 62955
  • Load Balancing
  • Ability to read the current being consumed by the car
  • Ability to send UART commands to the EVC Controller
  • Ability to set the maximum current
  • Ability to detect the cable capacity from the EVC
  • Remote Firmware Updates supported

Part No.:

DWEVCC-01: EV Charge Controller with UART

MOQ: 50 Pieces