Compact, Efficient, Light-weight DC Modules


The Deltrix 30KW DC Module range offers a highly efficient (up to 96%) power supply that adopts the latest power electronics technology. They were designed specifically for DC Chargers targeted at Electric Vehicles. They offer active power factor correction, green ultra-high efficiency, high power density, High reliability, and intelligent control. The modules use forced air-cooled heat sinks and have a small form factor. Hot-Swapping with a built-in anti-battery reverse current protection circuit is also supported.

Key Features:

  • Ultra-high efficiency > 96%, rated efficiency> 95.5%
  • Compatible with the CCS and CHAdeMO Standards
  • Compact Form Factor (L*B*H): 437.5mm *300mm*84mm
  • Ultra-high-power density: up to 45W/in³
  • Ultra-wide output voltage range: from 200VDC ~ 1000VDC
  • Ultra-small output ripple voltage, peak-to-peak ripple = 2V
  • Ultra-small standby power consumption: ~10W
  • Complete protection & alarm functions: input over/under voltage, output over-voltage, over-current, Over-temperature, output under-voltage alarm and output short circuit protection
  • LED display configurable for display voltage, current, group, protocol, address, manual/ automatic or fault information
  • CAN Bus and RS485 communications
  • DSP digital control and support for voltage and current adjustments
  • Built-in anti-battery reverse current protection circuit that supports Hot-Swapping
  • Automatic identification and verification of new addresses without manual intervention
  • Built-in output voltage bleeder circuit

Part No:

DU30AD1000M – 30KW, 1000V DC Module

DU30AD750M – 30KW, 750V DC Module

DU30AD500M – 30KW 500V DC Module

Specify your mounting preference:

H – Horizontal

V – Vertical