Compact, 19″ Rackmount DC Module

The Deltrix DM30AD1000M is a 30KW DC Module suitable for a 19″ Rackmount System. The modular designed enclosure offers a high power density, high reliability, and three-phase active PFC.

The enclosure has been designed to ensure perfect ventilation and optimum cooling. It supports the integrated functions of rectifying, controlling, outputting, protecting, and remote-signaling.

The module is highly suitable for applications such as distributed charging networks, mobile charging technology, etc.

Key Features:

  • Full digital precision control. High stability and reliability.
  • Ultra-wide output voltage range: 200V-950V to cover all demands.
  • Wide constant output power output: 340V-450V, 680V-950V. Max output power
  • Meets all the major electric vehicle high power charging demands.
  • Supreme protection measures: automatic soaking process, special foot protection for key components.
  • Built-in discharging circuit to save the cabinet space and simplify the system.
  • Built-in anti-reverse diode.
  • Communications: CAN Bus
  • Supports automatic address assignment to simplify the assembly process.
  • Supports fixed address as well as multiple outputs.
  • Supports software grouping. One CAN communication controls a multiplexed output.
  • High accuracy of stabilized voltage and current.
  • Safe and reliable performance.
  • Input over-voltage/under voltage protection and output over-current functions.
  • Short circuit protection and over-temperature protection etc.
  • Industry-leading active PFC technology. Input PF up to 0.99. THD≤5%.
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 87mm x 440mm x 390mm
  • Weight: <15KG

Part No:

DM30AD1000M: 30KW, 1000V DC Module