15KW, 1000V DC Charging Power Module


The DU15AD1000M is a 15KW charging rectifier that has been specially developed for building EV DC fast chargers. It has a high power factor, high efficiency, high power density, high reliability, intelligent control, and an elegant appearance advantage. Hot swapping and intelligent digital control techniques work together to predictively prevent failures and ensure high reliability.

  • Ultrahigh efficiency: the highest efficiency> 96%, rated efficiency> 95%
  • Super small size (HxWxD): 300mm*84mm*437.5mm
  • Ultra-high-power density: power density up to 45W/in³
  • Ultrawide output voltage range: 200VDC ~ 1000VDC
  • Ultrasmall output ripple voltage: peak-to-peak ripple ≤ 2V
  • Ultrasmall standby power consumption: standby power ≤ 11W
  • Complete protection and alarm functions:
    • Input over/under voltage
    • Output over-voltage
    • Over-current
    • Over-temperature protection
    • Output under-voltage alarm
    • Output short circuit protection
  • The LED Display can display:
    • Output voltage
    • Output current
    • Group address
    • Protocol
    • Module address
    • Manual or automatic
    • Fault information
  • Supports CAN and 485 bus communications.
  • The Power Modules can be grouped by the controller.
  • Adopt DSP digital control and support voltage and current adjustment function.

Part No.: DU15AD1000M