PM Series DC/DC Convertor

The Deltrix PM series of charging modules use a cooling solution with air duct isolation, with high product protection level, strong environmental adaptability, and better reliability. The application of high-efficiency high-power IGBT module design scheme reduces the number of power devices and improves the reliability of the system. The input range of this charging module is 600-850Vdc, the output range is adjustable from 200-750Vdc, and the rated output power is 60KW. It has input over-voltage protection, output over-current protection, output over-voltage protection, output short-circuit protection, over-temperature derating and protection, Alarm function.

Key Features

  • High power density saves system space,module output power-60KW.
  • Wide range of input voltage, 600-850Vdc (adjustable), input surge protection design.
  • Ultra-wide range of output voltage, 200-750Vdc (adjustable).
  • Using unique auxiliary power sleep technology, standby power consumption ≦
  • The module supports hot-swappable replacement, the replacement time is less than 5 minutes, easy to maintain.
  • Modules meet the fast charging needs of various electric vehicles and battery packs.
  • Constant power output range: 500Vdc~750Vdc, stable, safe and fast charging.
  • The pre-stage can be used with AC/DC modules, or it can be used alone in the charging system.
  • The module can be directly applied to the DC bus optical storage and charging system.
  • Efficiency up to 97% at nominal output power.
  • Input over voltage protection, under voltage alarming, output over current and short circuit protection,

Application Areas

  • EV Charger with Energy storage
  • Smart Grid with DC bus and Energy storage
  • DC bus-type optical storage and charging system

Part Numbers:

60PM : DC/DC 60kw modules , 120A, 200-750Vdc output, 600-860Vdc input

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