PF Series 60kW DC Charger

The Deltrix PF series of charging modules use high-power IGBT modules, which reduces the number of devices, reduces the number of devices in parallel, and improves the reliability of the charging module. The use of air duct isolation heat dissipation scheme avoids harsh environments such as dust, moisture, and salt mist. Corrosion or insulation damage to the module’s internal components and PCB improves the charging module’s tolerance to harsh environments. The charging module adopts the fan speed adjustment function, and the fan speed is low at night, in low temperature weather and under low load conditions, which further reduces the noise.

Key Features

  • 60KW DC Fast charger supporting GB/T charger cable.
  • Reliable, robust, modular hardware.
  • Simple, quick and easy installation.
  • Supporting RFID card and smart phone charging.
  • 7’’ LCD Touch Panel.
  • Supply AC input 380 Vac ±20% .
  • Ultra-wide range of output voltage, 200-1000Vdc (adjustable).
  • 95% power efficiency.
  • IP 54 design comply with GB/T 20234.1-2015、GB/T 18487.1-2015
  • Connector – GB/T (CCS1, CCS2, Chademo optional)
  • Input over voltage protection , under voltage alarming, output over current and short circuit protection,

Application Areas

  • Community parking lot
  • Taxi charging station
  • Bus company charging station
  • Commercial car parks
  • Public centralized charging stations
  • Motorway service area charging station
  • Logistics company charging station

Part Numbers:

60PF : 60KW DC Charger , 170A , 200-100Vdc output , 3-Phase , Floor-mounted

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