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The Deltrix 30KW DC Wallbox Charger based on our Modular Charging Power Supplies. It is built for speed and to meet the fast-charging standards of all European, Asian and North American electric vehicle manufacturers, while also supporting actual and future generations of EVs that are demanding a higher charge capacity.

The standard version of the charger enables the simultaneous charging of up to two cars. One DC charge point supporting quick charging with CCS or Chademo and the other for AC charging up to 11KW.

The units have an integrated RFID reader that supports user identification. The Internet connection is via 3G/4G or Ethernet to allow the unit to be connected to the LMS Backend. The user interface can be a simple RFID and Status LED combination or via a 10″ LCD Touch Screen Display.

Key Features

  • 30KW with output voltages ranging from 200v to 500V
  • Wall-mounted for in and outdoor use
  • CCS2 Combo or CHAdeMO Connectors with 2.5m Cables
  • 11KW AC Charger – Optional
  • Simultaneous AC and DC Charging
  • Dynamic power management to minimize charge time
  • Efficiency up to 95% at the nominal output power
  • Intelligent RFID card reader
  • 10” LCD Screen or Status LEDs
  • Ethernet and 3G/4G
  • Backend integration via the LMS Protocol
  • Easy to install, operate and service
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 840mm x 745mm x 137mm
  • Mounting Pedestal (optional)
  • Full customization available (color and logo)

Application Areas:

  • Private Garages
  • Commercial Buildings/Office Blocks
  • Supermarkets, Shopping Centers and Local Stores
  • Hotels and Restaurants
  • Schools & Colleges
  • Car Dealerships
  • Auto Workshops
Wallbox with LED Status
Wallbox with optional LCD Display

Part Numbers:

DL30WDCM-5: 30KW DC Wallbox Charger with Status LEDs
DL30WDCM-5AC: As above with integrated 11KW AC Port
DG30WDCM-5L: 30KW DC Wallbox Charger with LCD Display
DG30WDCM-5LAC: As above with integrated 11KW AC Port

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