The Type EV RCCB has been developed specifically for EV charging systems and can detect AC and DC  residual currents in accordance with the requirements of IEC62955. This provides a lower cost option to the Type B RCD and has been designed specifically for use in Mode 3 and Mode 4 EV charging applications.

Main Features

  • Residual Current 6mA DC / 10mA AC or 6mA DC / 30mA AC
  • Operates from a 230V AC single phase supply (2 Pole) or 400V AC phase to phase (4 Pole)
  • For use with 2 or 3 phase loads rated up to 63A
  • Complies with the international standard of electric vehicle charging mode 3 (IEC62955)
  • 3000A Surge Current Withstand
  • ROHS compliant
  • Complies with the DC protection requirements of
  • Test button facility
  • ROHS compliant

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