11KW Basic Dual-Port Wallbox

The Deltrix Basic Dual-Port AC EV Charging Station has been designed for both home and public use. It can support up to two type-2 outlets and can charge up to 11KW on each socket simultaneously with local load-balancing. The enclosure can be wall or pedestal mounted.

Key Features

  • Mode 3 / Type 2 Cable
  • Dual Port
  • Form Factor (HxWxD) 476mm x 396mm x 165mm
  • For residential and optionally commercial use
  • Up to 2 x 11KW (16A, 3-Phase) or up to 2 x 7.4KW (32A, 1 Phase) on each port
  • Load balancing on both sockets
  • Weather-proof construction
  • Wall-mounted or Pedestal (extra, single or double-sided)
  • Socket Locking
  • Customizable: Select a colour scheme and add your logo

The internal controller can easily be upgraded to include several additional features by means of the I2C Bus. Basically, you can convert the basic controller into a smarter controller very easily and cost-effectively. The possible additional features available are:

  • RFID Support
  • Key Locking
  • LED Connector
  • Fan Control Connector

Part No.:

DE74BAC-1-2 (1-Phase/32A/7.4KW Dual-Port AC Basic EVC )

DE11BAC-3-2 (3-Phase/16A/11KW Dual-Port AC Basic EVC )