11KW Basic Dual-Port Wallbox

The Deltrix Basic Dual-Port AC EV Charging Station has been designed for both home and public use. It can support up to two type-2 outlets and can charge up to 11KW on each socket simultaneously with local load-balancing. The enclosure can be wall or pedestal mounted.

Key Features

  • Mode 3 / Type 2 Cable
  • Dual Port with Socket Locking
  • Form Factor (HxWxD) 476mm x 396mm x 165mm
  • For residential and optionally commercial use
  • Up to 2 x 11KW (16A, 3-Phase) or up to 2 x 7.4KW (32A, 1 Phase) on each port
  • Load balancing on both sockets
  • Weather-proof construction
  • RS485 Interface
  • Wall-mounted or Pedestal (optional extra, single or double-sided)
  • Customizable: Select a colour scheme and add your logo

Part Numbers:

DE74BAC-1-2: 1-Phase/32A/3.6 to 7.4KW Dual-Port Basic AC EV Charger

DE11BAC-3-2 : 3-Phase/16A/11KW Dual-Port AC Basic EV Charger