Basic, compact, affordable, plug and play

This basic and compact AC Wallbox with its tethered Type 2 Cables is suitable for plug and play home use. It is available in a single-phase version that supports from 3.6 to 74KW or a three-phase version up to 11KW.

Key Features

  • Compact, robust and affordable
  • Tethered Type 2 Cable
  • For Residential and Free-Charging use
  • From 3.6/7.4KW (1-Phase) to 11KW (3-Phase)
  • Dimensions (HxWxD) 221mm x 220mm x 84mm
  • Load balancing (optional)
  • Weather-proof construction
  • Customizable: Select a colour scheme and add your logo

Part No.: DE36SPBAC-1 (1-Phase/16A/3.6KW Basic)

Part No.: DE74SPBAC-1 (1-Phase/32A/7.4KW Basic)

Part No.: DE11SPBAC-3 (3-Phase/16A/11KW Basic)